Vitalick Products

image sample Vitalick blocks are custom made blocks that contain vitamins and minerals to suit your stock and your property

It is necessary to file a particulars chart so we can formulate your blocks if not already on record. No need for soil tests, if you have one already, but the soil tests only tell you what you don't have in your soil.

Just because a soil test shows adequate levels of a mineral doesn't mean that the mineral is biologically available in the plant. Likewise, a plant may show adequate levels on a tissue test but the element may not be biologically available to the animal.

Blocks can have pasture seed and other additives included in the cost. Vitalick was the original livestock supplement in Australia and has been assisting in livestock nutrition since 1920.


1 tonne - 950.00 + GST

1 tonne (paid cash) - 905.00 + GST

1/2 tonne (delivered to nearest major town) - 475.00 + GST

:: Please note - prices are subject to change without notice